All around the A – Yung Yung [Zambia]

Good Lord, it’s just an exceptionally wonderful thing to be African. Have you ever had something that makes you so proud of yourself, or your background? I don’t know about you but some of the music I listens to just makes me wanna stand atop the Himalayas and scream OOH YES WE AFRICANS!!! I am listening to some rich music, from deep in the South of Zambia. May our African sounds live forever. So I got introduced to this guy, no, this brother called Yung Yung by 4riq and we shared a bit, basically getting to know what he is all about. I am always interested in listening to new music, so I got to sample his stuff out. For your information, I get irritated when an artist tells me to Google his music, but today, the good Lord told me to go on and do it.

So Yung and his comrades have studio down in the south where they are recording amazing music. If you know a thing about percussion, strings and all that, then you will get it. I am the greatest Hip Hop follower you will ever come across, but when I listen to those rich and live instrumentation, especially African drums,  I lose my mind, body and soul. There is just something serenading about fusion of traditional sounds with urban rap. That is the direction that music is heading. African youths are realizing the secret to this and sooner than you know it, those Grammys will be trickling home. I love what this guys are doing honestly, no need for pretense. Just watching Yung Yung’s video in the single he did alongside 2Play, you feel so much passion for African music 😀

Here at AAA, we are all about unity and putting Africa on the global radar. Most definitely, we will organize an interview so that you can get to know Yung Yung better. But in the meantime, I can’t wait to share with y’all this great music, complete with a natural traditional setup for the video. Tell me if you can resist to dance!

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