Wild Wednesdays : What If #Remix [Kenya]

Yesterday was Dr3amVille’s two years anniversary. Well, we have so much to be proud of, top of the list being the passion and focus of our only lady member, my sister Mishu. She practically has grown to be an artist who can stand on her own and that is my greatest joy. Most of the time, I just find her messeges and emails informing me that she has a new single out and whenever I listen, there is always something new, something improved and above all, a ray of surprise in her work. Well, the kids surprised me again over the weekend. She hooked up with another talented artist, KidWill to drop the remix to her single, What If.

I don’t even know how they do these things. I’m just so blessed to witnessed all these growth in both artists since I have seen them grow in leaps and bounds. Kidwilly has witty and corny bars, something that can be a selling point for him actually. Listen to the Remix and let us know what you  think.


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