Thirsty Thursdays : Live My Life [Nigeria]


It is no longer a secret that Africa loves to have her some good, dance and shake her blackness away. The beauty of it all is our simple approach to life and the appreciation of happiness and fun. Well, Friday seems to have come early in the motherland courtesy of Dj Final and Kash-11. The Lagos brodas has a club jam that will sure get guys all around Africa dancing like crazy. The House/progressive beats alone will get you off your feet when the song comes on.

What I love about this music is the storyline. The lyrics are very simple yet deep; they tell a story of every dream chaser out there. Have you ever felt that you spend all your time chasing that paper to an extent that you have no social life? Some of us work all day and night, chasing these dreams that we don’t even realize its been a minute since we last let loose. That is what Dj Final and Kash-11 talks about, as much as we work towards our ambitions, we at times need to let things ease and have fun. Just take a minute to let it all out!

I hope a day will surely come when we can live our lives, the one we always desire to achieve. Meanwhile here is Live Your Life. Fresh out of Lagos, Nigeria. The icing on it is the fact that he threw in a Swahili phrase, Hakuna Matata, towards the crescendo. Kenyans, and East Africa as a whole will love this. That’s how we unite Africa, embracing our diversity!

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