Monstar Mondays : Ghetto Life [Zimbabwe]

The week couldn’t start any better, I mean as long as I got my music, life is always fiiiiine!! And trust me today I woke up with a lot of them, good music for that matter. I’m in talks with some guys from Tanzania so that we may soon able to feature more artists from that zone. Y’all know Tanzania is special since they are the only State where Swahili reigns supreme. That aside, I came a cross a song that reminded me of how music used to be back in the day, when rappers had not yet started waking up in imaginary Bugattis. The type that highlights the real status quo, the life that we wake up to each and every day. The Ghetto Life.

DollarSign music’s Sinbad, all the way from Kadoma in Zimbabwe, teams up with Real Cliff and Sip Jay to  deliver this bare it all jam. Straight up tale tells of the Ghetto life. The instrumentals are crazy and I’m glad that they did utilize it well. The video is grimy, perfect to reflect the theme that is portrayed in the whole song. At last, I get to listen to the forgotten sounds. Nowadays, nobody seems to talk about the struggles in the ghetto, which is just sad as it means that we are running away from the reality. Remember, if you can’t acknowledge where you came from, then you will never know where you are headed. Home remains the best, ask any man about that 😀

Watch Ghetto Life below and holla back your feedback.

Music : ReverbNation

Twitter : @Sinbad_Zim


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