All around the A : Dr3am Ville [Kenya]

If you have done a background check of some sort, then you definitely know that apart from writing, I am a member of one of the best groups to ever come out of Kenya. Scratch that, the best, they can claim is subject to debate but we are not even a group to start with. Dr3am Ville is a FAMILY, united by music and we live each day appreciating our love for art. I won’t go into details of what constitutes this family since all their biography is scattered on the wild wide web. Just visit and type “dr3am ville’, bum! You will get all the irrelevant info that you ever wanted. Anyway, the group has been putting in a lot of work in the recent past, gearing up to the launch of their debut EP, African Story.

The first single off the EP, Newayo has been very successful if statistics are to go by. Major shout outs to Mukatiende, the greatest musician southern of Africa. He did a stellar job on composition, production and execution of the whole idea. More surprise (according to the groups producer that is) are on the way. What I can leak to y’all is that the whole project has an African embodiment to it. Totally authentic, complete with features by artists from around four countries other than Kenya. Away from the Album, they released a mixtape, Dream Chronicles, last year and through the skills of RonMixa, it had some magnificent singles. So come 2014 and the group shot their first ever video to a track off that mixtape, Dream Liquor.  You can watch it below.

Website : Africa On The Move

Twitter : @wearedreamville


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