All around the A – Magic Nicom [S. Africa]

This are one of those random posts I just put up since I bump on the music while lamming online and its so good I can’t wait to share it with the rest of Africa. Straight from RSA, I came across Nicom’s music and decide to dig more. I aint sure if he is S. African really, going by his facebook info, but I sure know he is African, a talented one for that matter and that is all that is important.  We all about the Music. The music is the easy listen type, should make it simple for him to be accepted around Africa by the cool kids.

Considering all the big names down In RSA, I understand it can be a tough call for new acts to break through, but if you have consistency and put out quality material, then that should not be a major issue.  If Nicom keeps making the type of music he is churning, I’m certain that sooner than later he will be all around the continent. Watch his video for Am A Problem below and give us your feedback.

Music : ReverbNation

Twitter : @MAGICNICOM1


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