All around the A : Adora (Ad8) [Zambia]

It seems we can’t just let Valentine arrive in peace. As it is, we really can’t wait for the month of love to get here already, so much that people are just making love songs from all quarters! I mean, 4riq started it off with Best Gal, Tech Junk followed immediately with Kodi Wavomera and the dust has not even settled yet there is a new sound from one of the most beautiful ladies of our Motherland. Hey, don’t get me wrong, love songs are the best! Nothing soothes a soul like a smoothly  done ballad. I am a loner so you should understand when I’m trying to avoid the love songs lol 😀 But you know what, with these awesome African artists giving it their best, it is really hard to ignore all the romantic tunes spanning out right now. Love is indeed in the air.

I got this link from our brothers at Zed Beats and the lady has an infectious laid back vocals. Nothing strained, everything just flooooows. Add that to the radiant smile, the curves and the demeanor and I’m left wondering when Adora will come for this engagement ring that I have already bought. I am you angle dear, you vocals are eargasmic! This is just the perfect jam to wed your sweetheart to. Like just standing at the alter, looking deep into your better half’s eyes and saying ‘I Do’.  Adora’s voice can make me change my mind anytime, in regards to love, flawless. The video is just the right one for the jam! Just watch it below.

Twitter : @ad8yal

Facebook : Adora (Ad8)



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