All around the A – Ill City [Malawi]

Long live Hip Hop and the street culture in Africa. Can i get an Amen plus a tithe? okay, forget about the former, the latter will do for now.So I decided to take a well deserved rest, a retreat to my Momma, away from all the hustles in Nairobi and the only company I have over here are old XXL magazines, a couple of Tupac cassettes and a lot of novels I purchased while in Senior High. Life seems way more relaxed and I’m so certain I will gain a couple pounds by the end of the week. My love for African artists is one thing I can never configure. I mean, I took this break to focus on myself and get away from  all the busy schedule that I have been acquainted to, but every now and then I still find myself writing more music articles, Smh. Partly, I guess it’s because African artists keep making me proud by going all out on creativity. Let’s head over to Blantyre, Malawi.

The brother Slessor is about to release his mixtape, 3rd February to be precise, but today let’s talk about an interesting group that is coming from the warm hart of Africa. I stumbled upon music by this six member crew, Ill City and I must admit they are up to  something. I love artists who dare the status quo, go out of the ordinary and do something away from the norm. That is the beauty of art that many artists of our age are afraid to exploit. Art is freedom. As an artists, especially in Hip Hop, you should not just be a follower, this is not twitter!! Pave your own path, create a legion. Does Odd Future come to mind? Hell yeah! This Malawian crew has very interesting music, but first, the formalities. Ill city is a rap crew that started in 2009. The group is comprised of  6 members, four boys and two girls. The members include ‘Klick, Ka Sheena, Ga Cypha, Fat lu, Mfwedhe and Excess’. Thank you Google, on to You Tube.

I have watched their latest video to a single named Halamu and immediately got hooked to the rough rugged and rawness of it’s nature. I mean rappers nowadays are softer than Trey Songz in their videos so this come as a huge relief to a Hip Hop head like me. The delivery is straight up street, nothing for the bubble rap fanatics and the instrumentals compliments the overall nature of the song well. From a critical perspective, these guys did their homework well. The track, the bars, delivery to the visual directing all fall into place. Watch Halamu below and keep in touch with Ill City through their social sites.


Follow : @ILLCityMw

Facebook : Ill City Mw

Music : ReverbNation


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