#Mixtape : Renaissance – Slessor [Malawi]

renaissanceJust from the cover artwork, you should already know that this is some serious project from one of Malawis top Hip Hop cats in the making. I must admit that Simon Banda did a splendid job on the artwork. One thing  I can tell you artists out here, image is everything in this industry and first impression determines a lot. Take my word and run with it, to the bank. February 3rd is not even here yet we are already hyped up and looking forward to Mzuzu born rapper, Slessor’s mixtape. I have listened to a track off of it, Ndasayina and the production is superb.

Judging by the past volume of  work that has been put out by HB records, this one surely won’t be a let down. That and I also believe in the artist who Slessor is. The track list for Renaissance is already out and I’m impressed that he narrowed down on the features, hence we will be able to have a bit more of him. Wise choice, let the features wait for the album. Add that to the fact that the wiz Tanaposi has handled most of the production and you begin to understand what I’m talking about.

renaissance back

Download the first two singles off Renaissance: Ndasayina and Shobizi

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