Around Africa : Weusi Familia – Dream Girl [Kenya]

Working nonstop is the new motto in the code 254. Artists are not just dreaming anymore, they seem to be awake all night putting in work! Weusi Familia are back at it, no really, they are up on this. Coz they have never left. One of the most diverse groups from Kenya, these guys produce some of the craziest music out here, quality wise. This time around, it is the Don himself Mzee Mzima alongside Mchizi Gaza. I watched this new visual first at Premiere Night on Wednesday and the whole of Yesterday I was hoping to share it with y’all but unfortunately I was preoccupied.

Quality aside, the jam is really laid back, something that  makes it an easy listen plus it allows listeners to appreciate the storytelling nature that Mzee Mzima has employed on the verses. As for the hook, no debate about it. We had already agreed that Gaza is just on his own class in music is a school. I envision watching this on MTV Base, Trace and Channel O very soon. You know what they say about being romantic and stuff? I was reminded that February is  already here, I don’t know what to make of it. Go ahead dedicate it to your Dream Girl and  come 15th Feb, you can call back and thank me.

Follow : @mzeemzimathedon , @gazathegaza

Facebook : Weusi Familia


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