Future Fridays : #Songa – Coola Gang [Kenya]

This right here caught me unawares! My favorite Urban Rap group from the 254 are back!!!! Who ever imagined that Coola Gang could drop such a club banger? I mean look at this guys musical background and catalog, you will be awed by this body of work right here. Before we go any further, don’t come to me with that sell-out bullshit, it just shows your level of immaturity as far as art is concerned. Good music knows no genre boundary and with this this right here, Taffie and KP are surely gonna laugh all the way to the bank.

I had to pause here and replay the song once again. Knowing these lads from back in the day of cyphers and mixtapes, I can boldly say that hard work pays. Now its time  to take these good music out to the world and let them know just what CG is made of. I love the versatility they are capable of. Just the last three records, Lay Low, Kata Kiuno and Songa are a clear testament to that. Coola gang can do wonders. ladies and gentlemen, fresh off the oven and straight up on Vevo, get moving to Songa. major Shout out to KP and CoolKid Taffie.

Follow : @CoolaGang , @IamKapella , @CoolkidTaffie

Facebook : Coola Gang


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