All around the A – 3G Music [Angola]

One thing about African music is that when you start listening to it, you just want to keep going on and on. It is that infectious! now that Shakalewa has put me in the mood, be prepared for an overdose of Afro music rhythms.  And now some Portuguese; A 3G Music Group criado por jovens da 3º Geração com o seu significado de 3 (três) passos para a glória assim dito por: Respeito, Humildade e Trabalho. For a group whose cornerstones are Respect, Humility and Labor, I had to give them a listen and most importantly, share their talent with Africa. Made up of Dr. Eks ( Eksilandy Flag ) , Marcelo KP ( Captain Milton ) , 12 Igor ( Igor Adam) and Djey Gomez ( Carlos Maiato ) these young lads from Angola and destine3d to make Africa proud.

We have featured a Hip hop artists from Angola here earlier and believe me you, this is something fresh too from Luanda. Their music is danceable, typical afrobeat feel with a touch of Kuduro, aye? As for me, African music does it anytime. As long as I can tap my feet and bop by head, boy you’ve got my attention. That’s just how much I love our culture, the sounds if the Motherland. I love the creativity employed in their video and the fact that it is kept simple too. Plus seeing a beautiful African lady shake a bum is always gracious. No offense Miley Cyrus, but our women own this. The jam is Yes or No, but ummm since Obama said Yes we can, I think ‘No’ became irrelevant. So for me, it is an absolute YES 😀

Facebook : 3G Music Angola


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