All around the A – #Rotation : Shakalewa [Congo]

It’s just Tuesday and I’m already tripping about afrobeats and afropop lol. Hey, I can’t be crucified for being up beat on a Tuesday morning, if Africa wants me to, who am I to disagree? All this courtesy of a four member boy group from Congo. Whenever I come across Congolese music, I ready my dancing shoes cos I know there is going to be some crazy moves involved. Well, I am always right, almost all the time. The group comprising of Denatora,
Doks la Concorde, Mistos Capitano and Vans Guccima are popularly known as Shakalewa.

I came across their new dance video for Rotation and I was like hell yeah I must share this with Africa. In our motherland, everyday is a good day and every time is a good time. Nothing accompanies a great time like a wonderful music set and of course a crazy dance! So if you love Dancing, Go ahead, get Rotating 😀

Twitter : @ShakalewaOff



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