T.I.A Tuesdays : Emazi [Nigeria]

Well, I’m a man of my words, I did promise y’all to brace yourselves for a plethora of African music articles and just like that, I keep my promises. From Angola, let’s head over to the West side of our Motherland. Not many Nigerian artists have made it to this site, apart from Dj Final. Today we have found anew entrant from the Igbo land. though he maybe texas based, Emazi is African to the core, a matter which makes us very proud of him and his musical endeavors. Here is a son of Africa who is working extra hard to put the motherland on the map through his music which are truly African.

You all know that our Naija brothers go hard on that Afro beat thing so expect nothing but awesomeness from Emazi. He has a single out with Kola-Bo and I’m not going to delay giving it to y’all. I must say this is one of the clearest videos I have seen for a while, good job gentlemen. Africa salutes you and you have our utmost support. Go make the motherland proud. NO DELAY!!

Twitter : @_Emazi , @kolabo101

Facebook : Emazi

Website : EMAZI


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