Around Africa – Beto Shine [Angola]

Looks like southern Africa loves us, or the other way around cos we keep going back there. No one is complaining though, good music transcends borders and boundaries. I have heard a lot of new material getting out this past one month and it is crystal clear that nobody is slacking this year. Everyone is aiming to the stars, to swim with the galaxy it seems. Well, ours will be provide an equal platform to y’all, what you do to stand out from the crowd is solely upon you. I’m I allowed to repeat this one last time? Okay, it’s not gonna be the last time but let me say it again; I just love the sound of African drums and percussion. On that note, I might just have found Cabo Snoop’s brother, from another mother maybe.

Beto Shine is the name, straight from Angola so you already know that means Kuduro is the game! For I minute I had to pause typing and dance a bit. It is part of my assignment, very allowed to fall in love and sync. I can dance to this type of music any day or night. So Beto, who is a very determined young guy from Luanda decided to give it his all in a bid to make our motherland proud. And he has just succeeded at it. His latest single COSSA is sure to play host to party hoppers in most clubs around Africa. With the right marketing and distribution in place, this can be the next Windeck, believe me. Africans love to dance and the first thing that happens when you listen to this song is just that, dance! Before you mind can contemplate the next move (pun intended) you feet and the rest of your body will already be in rhythm. Africa, your son is out there making you proud, can we all reciprocate by appreciating this wonderful talent? Watch and dance to Cossa below, make sure to share with your fellow dance addicts.

Facebook : Beto Shine


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