Around Africa : Simudza Gumbo [Zimbabwe]

For a moment, I must admit that I ashamedly slept on Tehn’s new jam. I don’t have an excuse for that, no amount of excuses will justify that. Personally, this is one of the brothers I look up to as far as music is concerned, I hope he knows that. From Happy to Realness to Boy Dzangu, I admit Tehn has surprised the hell out of me once again. The versatility crown is undoubtedly yours! I have known Tehn is deeply poetic after listening to The Year Before Rap, but I never guessed he is this empowering kind of poetic. I also very much understand that he dots on his city, as clearly portrayed in H- Town Boy but this new jam honestly takes patriotism to a new other level. Take a minute and think, I’m not even from Zimbabwe and I’m here dying to take the next flight to Harare and scream like “yo, your son is back home. Let’s build out country.”

Imagine if half the artists we have in Africa could show just a quarter of such patriotism and love for our motherland, how great can Africa be? Imagine if for a minute we forgot about our own selfish interests and showed concern about the things going on around us, things that actually affect more people in the society. Imagine if we all had a Tehn within us, how much Diamond would Africa posses? You know the value of a diamond, you know the properties it has. Let this song speak to your conscious, this is not just another rap (sorry Museveni), nor is it another case of words rhyming on an instrumental. This is a wake up call to all and all around Africa that the time is up, get up, stand up and let us build what we have. Salute to the Diamond in Tehn. Africa respects you. Simudza Gumbo!!

Website : IAMTEHN

Follow : @TehnDiamond


3 thoughts on “Around Africa : Simudza Gumbo [Zimbabwe]

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