Wild Wednesdays : Trap Squad [Malawi]


I’m on my John Chilembwe shit today, what the hell I’m I trynna say lol. But a brother is allowed to trip once in a while, aye? Okay, before I let this mirage of happiness cloud my vision, let me just straight to what brought me here in the first place. I am happy, reason being that i woke up listening to good music, from Africa damn-it! I should start an award for all these great artists around the A who keep making me proud with every single release. Seriously giving it a thought, and you know I’m a go getter so it may be more than just a dream (and no I’m not Nelly). So I bumped on this new video from a Blantyre group christened Trap Squad and really loved it. Sorry, scratch that, I hate lies. This is the right version, I had been anticipating this new video since I saw a post on facebook about it’s planned release. I happen to know a member of Trap Squad, Stichfray who is a very serious singer (when he feels like, I guess) so I have listened to a couple of their earlier releases as well and they are doing some justice to Malawian Hip hop scene.

On this particular one, he did a splendid job on the hook. I click play and the first sight is Versace everywhere!! For a moment I thought I missed the memo because I swear I was not aware that Versace was now sponsoring and dressing African artists. Cladding aside, this is a heavy Hip Hop song. If we thought 2013 was a Hip Hop year, then 2014 is even going to a bigger one for the genre. From a staunch lyricist’s point of view, this is a very good thing if you ask me. For a moment, everyone had clogged the public domain with senseless bubblegum music. Here is a jam that is straight up bars and each artist surely brought their A game on board. Can I just be honest and serve y’all the truth right now? If there is a femcee that Africa should be focusing the spotlight on right now, its JUDA GAGA!!! I mean my girl Xtatic goes HAM but this chic right here, she is on to something else. I’m getting wild imaginations, a collab between the two; Xtatic/Juda Gaga, that can be A MONSTER!

This should be some great music for the Hip Hop heads out there, it’s been a minute yo! I’m just so glad these guys did this. I see African music raising every single minute and all so happy with that. Let’s keep raising the bar (no Kendrick, I’m not talking control here) as far as rap is concerned. The competitive nature of the game should make for an interesting year ahead. Don’t just be quick to claim you the best, be ready to back it up. Just like Trap Squad has. If you are in doubt, then just watch ‘So What” below. And ooh, lest I forget, Juda Gaga, you are not underrated, not around Africa, maybe in Blantyre.



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