Thirsty Thursdays – CBH [Tanzania]

How glad I’m I to put up this post!! My love for Tanzania can not be compared to anything else, apart from how I dot on Amarula that is. For those who never take History lessons serious, Tanzania is the only state where Swahili, the best language on earth reigns supreme. Their music is just as unique as the language itself. I always envision attending a Sauti Za Zanzibar festival, that will be mad fun. So I came across music from one of Tanzania’s fasts-rising artists and ooh Lawd I got blown off my feet!! No, my chair. CBH makes music that just gets you dancing whenever you listen.

I have to admit that Amarula is getting the better of me.  The best I can do is let y’all listen and be the judge. We can talk when I get back here. For now, enjoy, listen and dance to CBH’s new jam.

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