Special Feature : Infinity Magazine

Cover_issue3-1 NEWWhen great minds come together, there is no limit to what they can achieve. What Africa really needs is for her children to embrace unity and work together. That my friend, is all it takes to turn impossibles into possibles. When we are determined to achieve something, we can go to all heights and that is the power of believing in your dreams. With that in mind, my good friends down south put this wonderful magazine up and I’m humbled to have been part of the team. It is a very urban magazine, fresh and trendy! You will enjoy the cool pictures and great interviews of some of the biggest stars around Africa.

Plus it covers a wide variety of topics from health, events, music to business and sports so you will sure find something that interests you. Personally, working on it was not just another task, I cherished the opportunity I got to interact with my fellow Africans. Though miles away, it was heartwarming to know that we are all passionate about the success and development of our continent; be it the music, fashion or the business scene. I know we will keep uniting our people through the little efforts we make. Much respect to the beautiful lady Sophia for coming up with such a brilliant idea, Africa loves you back 😀 The magazine is available online for a free download, or reading and I’d encourage everyone to get a copy. Your support will really motivate the team and encourage them to even make the next better. Download/View here

Follow the twitter handle for regular updates and also be on the loop on when to expect another one. You can as well send us your feedback and suggestions on what we can improve on or who you feel should appear on the next issue. General ideas on how we can make it even better, we are open minded.

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