All around the A – Mascot [Malawi]

untitledIt’s 7.32 a.m. in a chilly Nairobi morning, but I am in Blantyre, Malawi and the almighty Chichewa is keeping me company. I love listening Chichewa, but only when it is used in melody. I’m talking about Khala Nawe by Frank Cn, Tsemwe by Tech Junk,  Maso by Piksy or my new favorite, Kodi Wavomera. So you can imagine the look on my face as I stare on this screen, my mind in oblivion, waiting to really digest this music. It is Chichewa yes, but it is in rap. I’m listening to Hard now after previously listening to Idya, Murderer, Athoke and One to 30. My internet sucks too, I have to wait for almost two minutes before the next song starts playing. But we getting there, by now I at least have an idea what this brother is aiming to achieve. He sounds more like a battle emcee. If its about that then I can clearly say we getting there. You should know it is my Hip Hop mindset at work here. Krazie G starts off the next track and the beat also sounds heavy, I’m patient.

Thats it! I’m now hooked, after listening to Mascots verse on Kachalle, he is a great artist. Onto Ananonse and now I get to hear Stich Fray how I love to hear him, on that chanty type of singing. Music good, I am finally happy. He just needs to work on packaging of his music. Check We comes on and I am comfortably bopping, I didn’t even wait for the hook but when it comes, Stich is again doing his best.  Just before I can close the music tab, I spot Zeze’s name somewhere, okay let me tell y’all something. Zeze is one of those artists that whenever you spot them on any track, you just have to listen. Wonderful music is guaranteed, and just like that I get to listen to Craziest Gal, which absolutely becomes my favorite instantly. The rap is so laid back and the artists are really composed, yes. I have to go back to One to 30 again, I love the African feel to it. That is my type of music.

Mascot, I need radio song from you, I love what you are able to do, but as far as African music scene is concerned, you need to switch up on the instrumentals. Don’t focus on Blantyre, your peers are out there in all the major cities around Africa. With the right type of beats, you have the benefits of knowing one of the best languages in Africa, Chichewa. Take that as an advantage and run with it. And keep the music coming, nothing impresses me like an artist who is putting in work. I looked at your catalog and instantly gave you respect for that. Keep it coming, keep it urban, keep it awesome. We are here to listen.

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