A – interviews : Yung Yung [Zambia]


I always profess my love for anything and everything African. It is no miracle then that I am seldom on my own lane as far as music is concerned. Kid Ink, did you see what I did there? When I get hold of that pure authentic African music, trust me that my comrades and the replay button complains. Right now, I just have one song undergoing the torture of replay, Mwakwendenda. Prior to this, I had ealier listened to Moye ndaku yanda and was totally blown. On my wishlist this year is to visit Zambia, Southern part of it to be precise. Well Africa, we managed to access this brother, who is arguably the best artist and son who is proud of his motherland, doing all he can to share the wonderful sounds with the world. Ladies and Gents, meet Yung Yung, a true African son.

I happen to be your biggest fan this side of Chalbi desert, but I know a lot of people around Africa are interacting with you for the first time. How can you introduce yourself??

My government Name is Kelvin Mweetwa, Stage Name YUNG YUNG

From southern side of Zambia

Simple and to the point, for how long have you been in the music industry?

Can’t remember cuz when I started talking for me that was musical so I would say since I began to talk but being in the industry like with the plan of selling music I would say commercially 5years.

Ahahaa, you have a sense of humour, I love that. So, why music Yung?

Didn’t really plan to get into music just found myself doing it cuz most people thought I’m really good at it so a lot encouraged me to concentrate and take it serious.

You found yourself in the system, wow! Listening to your music, it is very rich in African percussions, do you by anyway play an instrument?

I can play tradition drums (true definition of an African child)

And Africa is surely proud of you son. Personally, do you feel your music has matured?

I can say I have matured enough cuz now I know my target fans. Whenever I create music I know why I’m doing that and it must have an impact on the listeners.

That is a confidence that only comes with experience. Which begs for the question, what constitutes your playlist?

Surprisingly I only listen to the type of music I can’t do which is strange to a lot of people who get my phone or my iPod, mostly I listen to music from the 80s and mostly African tradition music from all over Africa sum that I don’t understand .

Pretty much sums up how you create this magic then. But is there a music type that you can’t listen to?

I honestly respect any type of music

How can you describe the Zambian music scene to anyone who has no idea?

It’s really hard to make it ouchea but anything that has a future is worth fighting’ for yah man

Word brother, it’s about holding on. Which change are you bringing on board?

Just want make sure African music gets to the whole world and get the respect it deserves.

May god bless that, I’m so behind you on this. I keep telling this artists that it’s about time the world realized just how beautiful our music is broh! Have you worked or intend to work with any artist around Zambia?

Here in Zambia wow I’ve already done a song with the legendary #Mulemena boy’s one of the founders of Zed music; if I have to work with anyone here it has to be old artists.

That’s a fete already; do you think the music you do can get around Africa?

I personally think good music gat no boundary, if it’s like that then it’s just ignorance of music promoters.

Awesome, I’m already jamming to it in Nairobi, remember? What does 2014 hold in store for Yung Yung

It’s a year of breakthrough for me I really worked hard last year this year it’s just about promoting and doing shows

Recording, performing, composing, which one do you like the most?

Performing, reason being – it tells you that your music really gets to people and it shows the impact that you have in the music industry.

Real artists like performing\as it connects them to their fans. Bravo! Apart\ from music, anything else you are good at?

I have a diploma in software programming, so if not music I’m studying… I also have a bronze medal as the best high school playmaker (basketball), that’s what I can be found doing one of those boss.

A real baller lol. Anyway, let’s talk matters of the heart, do you support celebrity dating each other?

I would say yuh cuz birds of the same feathers should fly together.

And you favourite country in Africa?yung

Zambia boss (motherland)

That’s such a no brainer, what of ladies, from which state does it for you? Which ladies

Zambian chicks/south African gals gat booty for years hahaha

Jeeez, you have to hook me up with some. Valentines is just about bruh!! Have you had one of those crazy artists – fan encounters?

Uummmhh I would say I met some girl one day who jumped on me and she did that cuz she really loves my music like I dint know what to do…..

Since she was Zambian (or probably S. African) I can imagine what you did. Moving on, what can we look forward to from the Tonga music ambassador?

A lot of music / videos

Lastly, what can you do for the love of Africa?

I would die for the big A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have to be one of the realest and funniest guy we’ve had the rare opportunity to host here in AAA. We so much appreciate your time and once again, keep making that authentic African music. We definitely got your back. Quickly give a shout out to your people

–          S/o to everybody on my facebook page

–          S/o to everybody in Kenya

–          S/o to my #team HTM/YBGZ

–          To every artist I get dawn with here in Zambia ehehehe ya can get at me here.

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