Valentine Playlist : African Version

Just for the record, I am not a Valentines guy, in fact I got dumped around the Christmas time so I have no reason at all to talk about it. But since I am always kind, I decided to compile for y’all great people the perfect playlist for this one day affair. They always talk about white Christmas, so I guessed I can do a black Valentine. Not really, my love for Africa can’t just allow me to talk about American or other music outside of our beautiful motherland. If it was my girlfriends (ex, though I hate to think of her as that) wish, I could be writing about Daughtry’s Start of Something Good. Women only run the world in Beyonce’s music videos, so here is my Valentine playlist for all and all who are in all. And ooh, my brother Tehn Diamond has not not yet managed to win Boity’s love let us all pray for him.

Ni Mapenzi Tu – Kanana [Kenya]

With love all over the place, the best you can do is play along. Something about joining what you can’t beat. The day is all about confessing and proffesing you love. Woe unto you if you are single, I really pity what you are missing out on ( for the record, I am not single, I am in deep love, with 1. music, 2. Africa). So now that you have your sweetheart with you, looking deep into each others eyes and forgetting about the existence of everything else in the world, you need some awesome to accompany the moment. What better way than have Kanana’s sweet voice serenading the background? Love love love love love, I’m in looooooooooooooooooooove…………. with Kanana’s music. And here is the best for your Valentine.

Tsemwe – Tech [Malawi]

They say love is best expressed in your local dialect, I sure sympathize with the Britons. I talked to my Homie Tech yesterday and he promised that he has something new and fresh for Valentines. How I hoped to include it in this list. How i hoped even so that Kodi Wavomera had a video out. Tech is easily my favorite male RnB artist, after dethroning Frank Cn that is. He has a knack of making music that grows on your as you keep listening and finally sticking to your mind, and heart. I imagine taking my lady out for a romantic dinner and then asking her kodi wavomera as Tech sings “I can taste you daily” in the background. Anyway, I just wanna be the guy that you need to drive you crazy. That is chichewa, very romantic. Anyway, here is the best love song to groove to with your date.

Everytime – Davina Green [ Zimbabwe]

This lady can make you reconsider your choice in music. I mean after listening to Miss Green sing, you will surely reevaluate your playlist, her vocals are angelic! Now imagine her singing to you about love, you will be sprung. For this valentine, you and yours truly can enjoy a candle lit dinner with Green’s music in the background. I envy the lucky man who will be sitting beside her this Valentine. All I wish is to have her sing for me, that will be enough. But since all of us can’t have Davina singing at our romantic dinner,  I found her perfect ballad for you.

Single boy  – Ali Kiba [Tanzania]

So what y’all in love? What about us who are singled? You really think we will sleep on that day? Noo, we will be out here having mad fun, and not anticipating any challenges. That is the fun bit of being single, you don’t worry about impressing no one. For all my comrades who are lonely but pretending that being single is the best thing, I found the best consolation jam. All you need is a glass of Amarula that you will caress, as you play this loud and lie to yourself that you are actually happy. From Tanzania, this is the best anthem for the lonely hearts.

Gracefully – Rajae [Morocco]

The mood has been set, everything is going as planned, the cuddle and such. Let me remind you male folks something y’all always forget, Valentines day is for the beautiful women of the world, it is not your day, it is THEIRS! This only means one thing, let their wish be obeyed and their will be done. Do not put your priorities first, do as they want. that only means that it is a day to sit pretty, cuddle and listen to the endless tales from out ladies. If such is the situation you end up in, then playing some Rajae in the background is just the deal. this sister has voice that will make you stay overnight, listening to your ladies problems and you won’t even tire. Play this and take it slow with your love.


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