All around the A – CeCe [Sierra Leone]

Rarely do we get to explore music from some countries in Africa, not that we ignore them, but accessing good music from their artists is kind of a challenge. Some just don’t have a stable online presence. I love getting to hear new music from countries that are not all over the African music scene since their sound tends to be fresh – Sierra Leone is one such example. All the music I have ever sampled from Sierra Leone are purely magnificent. I get new music from Nick Asgill whenever he remembers to link me up lol. So far, I love the energy and drive of Salone artists. Today, I want to present to you a super beautiful African queen named CeCe. There is just something infectious about a curvy, naturally beautiful African ladies that gets my head spinning. But I won’t let that delude my focus, I’m here to let you enjoy very good music.

CeCe has a new video for her single Na U Ar Want and everything is awesome about this video. To start with, the scenery where it has been shot is breathtaking. I think I should just include Sierra in my tour wishlist. The lady has a great camera presence, she smiles effortlessly and sways her hips in rhythm with the tune. The song is very catchy, simple and makes one just keep replaying. She chose her lyrics carefully and found just the right instrumentals to complement her vocals. Something very interesting is, the video was actually shot in a record 27 minutes! No Nick, you must be kidding us. This awesomeness is rare to achieve within such a short duration. Time and everything else aside, I just love this song. One of the exquisite visuals I have seen this year, and it came out at the perfect time since everyone will be looking for some love song to listen to. I will take my Valentine out for a date and when I come back, I sure will play her this. I’d love to hear this jam serenading the clubs of Nairobi. People can groove to this.

FaceBook : Cece

Twitter : @itz_CeCe


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