A – interviews : Raiza Biza [Rwanda]

Finally! Just finally! After all the hustle, we managed to get one of Africa’s most promising emcee to talk with us at AAA. Though he is extremely occupied working on his album to be released this year, he was kind enough to accord us some ample time, the pleasure is ours. Read on.

A quick introduction, who do we have here?

I’m Raiza Biza, a hip hop artist from Rwanda now residing in New Zealand. 

Do you know how we have been anticipating this interview? Let’s get talking, when did the music bug bite you?

I have been making music since I was 15 or 16, but it’s going on 2 years since I dropped my debut. 

At such a tender age Biza, what drove you into music really?

When I lived in South Africa, my friends and I wrote little battle raps all the time. I just kept on writing and getting better at it and started creating songs. I would spend all my free time in my bedroom studio, working on my craft, writing and recording songs. I enjoyed the feeling of creating music and still do. 

While at it, do you also play instruments?

I wish I could. 

From a 15 year old teenager up to now, you must have evolved and so does your music, do you feel that way?

I am different man than I was when I dropped my debut ‘Dream Something’. My life has changed, my fears, my problems and my victories have all evolved. So naturally my subject matter has shifted a bit. But one thing that has remained is that I still ask questions. I guess the questions have evolved too. 

We never really get the answers we want in life. But I hope your questions lead you to a better state musically. Which reminds me, any music you wanna rid off from your MP3 player?

Don’t have anything embarrassing really.  

Come on man, hahaa, okay is there a particular genre you can’t stand?

Not a big techno fan, but I am pretty tolerable music fan. 

Enough of the banter, tell us more about the music industry back in New Zealand.

It’s thriving. Good music is coming out from New Zealand and people come out to shows. So there’s a lot of potential if an artist works hard.

Sounds good. Is there anything you wish can be done to improve it?

It’s an idealist idea but it would be great for the corporations to get behind good hip hop. It would be good for the art in long run but it’s always more about the immediate gain. 

Hopefully that gets to happen soon. So back to Biza, who are you hoping to work with broh?

I would like to work with Nas, Talib Kweli, Yasiin Bey. A Jill Scott hook would make my life though. 

You are aiming all the way to the top! That surely makes Africa proud. How do you see 2014 being special for you?

I have plans to take my music to Europe so this year is going to be a busy one. 

It honestly is a busy, judging by the duration it took to get an interview Raiza, and hey, we are honored man. Which creative stage is your favorite; recording, performing or composing?

I enjoy writing most; the creative process is what I look forward to.  

How do you unwind, like at your free time, what can you be found doing?

I like to play ball, watch sports etc but I spend so much time working on music that I don’t get to relax as much these days. 

You should actually change your name to Raiza Busy, you know? Anyway, do you have a favorite place in Africa?

Rwanda. I have a lot of history there and it’s the place I am most drawn to. 

Ahaaa, so are there any African beauties catching your eyes yet?

 I’m a fan of Ethiopia’s ladies. But Africa is full of beauty. 

Has Biza ever had a public embarrassing moment?

None that I can think of 

I doubt, but if you say so lol. What’s in store for us this year, from you and your team?

 My debut official album will be out this year. I also have a lot of videos in the works and collaborations. My crew AmmoNation will be releasing a lot of music also. So there’s plenty to look forward to. 

At the end of it all, do you aspire to contribute in any way to the betterment of our motherland?

I hope that my music allows me to help out my homeland. There are a lot of little things that can be done, in terms of education, clean water etc so I would love to be able to play a part in moving the continent forward.

Humbling to hear that, we believe you will be able to achieve that. When you are done, what will make you feel contented?

I would like my music and impact to live on when I die. That is my ultimate goal. 

Hey, love and respect from the motherland Biza, though we understand you are on a very busy schedule, you created time to share with us. It’s such an honor and Africa salutes you. We look forward to seeing you hit the pinnacles, any last word as we wind up?

Shout out to my crew AmmoNation and YGB. Peace to all my supporters and anyone who supports what I do.

Twitter : @RaizaBiza

Facebook : Raiza Biza


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