All around the A – The Smiling Coast [Gambia]

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Not my most productive week yet I must confess, but I was cornered by my internet providers. Four seven days straight I was unable to put any article up, I was so sad as I got crippled and all I could do was watch and re-watch these amazing new African music, unable to pass them to you wonderful people. Hey, no more flexxing, I’m finally able to post something and this has to top the list and trust me, it’s long. When was the last time you heard about our brother from The Gambia, Gee? To me, its been a very long while and I must say I missed the charisma that he brings to the African music. You can imagine my excitement when I saw him share a link to a new song on twitter!! We talked a bit and he explained why he has been virtually missing from our radar, the brother is working on anew album to be released sometime this year. Even better news that is.

So I watched the video from the link Gee shared and instantly envied the West coast residents. The video is actually of a young African lady, Suga and she has collaborated with Gee. From her name, we really don’t need to add more, unless you are diabetic, you should already be in love. The way this girl sings about her country is just so heartwarming. Gee brings it home with his signature delivery. I must visit the Smiling Coast, just hope Suga will be there to receive me 😀 Watch what is arguably the best video of 2014 so far

Twitter : @sugasmusic @gbgee


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