Thirsty Thursdays : Gwamba [Malawi]

We are back on this, so much music coming out and we can’t afford to slack. I have this great song on my mind, but I don’t know what it means, it is in Chichewa. I guess I will have to find a new Chichewa translator since my brother Frank Cn will no longer come to my aid. Moving on, have you ever listened to a song and you are so certain you know the feeling it portrays, just by the artists’ vocals, even though you don’t understand the language? Well, that is what happened when I came across Bola Kusache, by two artists, Gwamba and Nesnes. From the little I could gather, it is a cry for something, diseases, natural disaster and the misfortunes that encounter us here on earth. I admit Nesnes brought that perfectly well on the hook and Gwamba does a stellar job on his raps as one is able to feel the emotions, language aside. Now that is music.

I don’t know much about Nesnes, though I’m trying get acquainted to his music and maybe bring him on AAA, but hell yeah I know a bit about the G! Who wouldn’t know Gwamba, especially after he dropped that killer verse on Tech’s Kodi Wavomera? This guy has a unique voice that will sure make him standout always. That rough raspy Young Jeezy kind of voice. And he utilizes it so well that all his music will leave you feeling whatever he intended you to. I love artists who take a minute to do music that is different from what the market is crowded with and Bola Kusache has straight up made it to my playlist. I bet Tehn diamond would be so proud if he heard this. Word on the street is that Gwamba will be dropping his Album, KUDUTSA PAKHOMA, around April and god knows I’m so waiting for that!

If you still doubted G’s romantic side, then you must have missed out on his Valentines day gift to his fans. With love all around us, Gwamba debut a video to Ndiyima Pachulu, featuring another wonderful vocalists, Bucci. Here is where I was thrown a bit off track, there are so many wonderful singers in Malawi that I haven’t heard so much of. Like I just get to know about them when they feature on another artists song. My mission right now is to thoroughly search for Bucci’s other works. Like I always insist, Malawians have a way of using the native Chichewa so well that you are left dying to learn the language. The scenes shown on this visual is amazing!! Africa is truly beautiful and Malawi is actually the warm heart of our motherland. Watch and share your feedbacks.

Twitter : @GwambaMw

Facebook : Gwamba


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