All around the A – Master Emel [Seychelles]

I woke with one target today; to challenge myself and discover a new music, from a totally new country that we have never featured on AAA. Africa has some of the most beautiful places in the whole universe, however, due to our limiting nature, it is the foreigners who come and explore our continent even better that us natives. I shall not fall under that category, I will explore my mother land to the fullest. Today, for example I realized that we have a paradise right here in Africa. So ladies and gentlemen, lets take a trip to one of the most magnificent islands in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles. In a couple minutes of researching, it is clearly evident why it is christened ‘paradise’. these people have their own world inside our world, Earth. From the culture to the sceneries, to the people, to the music, Seychelles is the place to be. You know me all so well, my first interest whenever I’m checking a place out, is music. This Island has gem when it comes to music and just like most Island, they love to party and enjoy some wonderful time. So that means dance music is supreme here.

I came across an artist named Master Emel and instantly loved his music so I will share some with you. But it is only fair that you get to know a little info about him before you even listen to his music. Emel is part of arguably the biggest group in Seychelles, DEZIL’. Here is where it gets interesting, even before Africa realized how talented DEZIL’ was, France had already recognized the groups potential and hence they got signed to SONY BMG France in 2005. By that time, Master Emel was just a 15 year old Teenager. Rodger that. Together with Ion Kid and Sandra, they make some infectious jams ranging from reggaeton, reggae to traditional Sega music. I’m sited in this windy balcony in Nairobi listening to their 2011 release kONFYANS and it is still fresh. A perfect reggae jam. I’m already in love with Seychellois ladies just by watching the video. Something that strikes right away is the Caribbean similarity in all their music. Maybe because they are both islands? I honestly don’t care, i just wanna groove to the sound of good music.

As of now, Master Emel is arguably one of the forerunners when it comes to Seychelles music, after releasing his debut solo album in 2009. I am surely looking forward to getting more new music from the trio, either individually or as a group. Meanwhile, watch this video and let us know if you wanna take a boat ride to the Paradise.


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