Future Fridays : Ciney [Rwanda]

I guess some of the rewards of being an African lover is getting to discover unique musical talent around Africa. How happy that makes me really. Like today, i woke up feeling super lazy, but I dragged myself since I had a few articles to put up and a number of wonderful artists to share their work with the world. Only yesterday, we had been able to interview Raiza Biza, a Rwandan Hip Hop artist currently living in New Zealand. Today, we continue to explore more of the urban music culture in Rwanda. Coincidentally, I found an email in my inbox today morning and guess where it’s from, Rwanda! Well, we are Kigali bound right away. Africa, meet the lovely and beautiful queen Ciney. Without even a whisker, this right here steals the crown from all the rest of our beautiful ladies, musically.

I am an ardent fan of any form of art; spoken word, poetry, rap and acoustics. Anything that has a creative component attracts my attention. Now you can imagine how I feel when I find all the above in one single person. I am listening to the richest, purest form of art right now, sadly, y’all have been corrupted by computer music that you won’t even appreciate this gem. Irrespective of that, Ciney clearly holds her own when African music is discussed. I have never heard a sound so raw and authentic, unless we are talking about legends like Fela Kuti,  Youssou N’Dour and Fatoumata Diawara. By now, I’m listening to the women empowerment single, IGIRE. This lady is something else. How does she do that? Honestly, not many artists blow me away on the first listen, Ciney has. the funny thing is, every single song is unique on it’s own. She is diverse as the word can be! Ndabaga will definitely get you on your feet, dancing 😀

Africa, this sure should make y’all proud. If you have ever wanted an African music Ambassador, then Ciney wins hands down. We must get her on A-interviews, watch her masterpiece Dogoni below.

Twitter : @aishakonix

Facebook : CINEY

Music : CINEY


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