A – interviews : Jossy Christ [Zambia]

Without bias, AAA is designed to provide an equal platform for all the great talents that sprout from out motherland. We aim to help put the good music out there, giving artists a space that they may have been longing for. On this regard, we consider it a blessing when we finally managed to interview the first gospel artist ever. From Livingstone in Zambia, meet this son of Africa who has a passion for Christ.

Hello man, we are very happy to have you here at AAA. Can you kindly let Africa know who and where you are from?

My name is Jossy Christ Army from Livingstone, Zambia

Zambia is a great country, so we just received a couple of music from you. Mind telling us how long you have been in the game?

Been in this industry for 3 years now…Started out in a hip pop group but later went solo last year when I discovered Christ and started out my chase for gospel rap… It’s been in my nature ever since I was a kid; I really wanted to do this as I was really inspired by my brother who chased this dream as a rapper. I guess it just fell on me too

You are the first gospel artist that we are actually interviewing. Apart from the above mentioned, why else did you decide to pursue music really?

Well I got in the industry for the love of music. 1st it was all about the fame and the spotlight life but later I discovered my purpose was to praise God and take the Gospel out there with a touch of music.

How is the Zambian music thus far, considering you being a gospel artist and what are some of the challenges you face?

Zambian music industry is all about big competition it’s really hard to find sponsorship and record labels that are in for the gospel. It’s been a challenge for me to spread out my music, I am my own manager pushing my own stuff

Ooh, we feel you on that. But at the end of the day, God is surely by your side and things will work out. Remember they say his time is the best? Concerning your artistry, can you play any instrument?

Funny how one can be an artist but doesn’t know how to play any instrument. I guess the only instrument I play better is rap bars on the mic… but am looking forward to learn how to play drums.

You need to learn them drums lol. Talking about music, do you personally feel like there has been a growth from the time you started?

My music has really changed a lot looking at how I started, there is a lot of change in the way am coming out. Shifted my touch from a wannabe rapper to a motivational rapper speaking from the truth deep in, well that’s great change.

What is that one thing you really wish would change concerning the music industry right now?

Well I wish the industry can also support a lot of Gospel music to reach out. Looking at the platform today, people can’t do gospel because they think you can’t dance to it…but am looking forward to see everybody out there through my music picking up there rap skills and taking them to Christ

Amen, we pray that to be a reality. Any artist you are aiming to work with?

I really would love to work with Zambia’s own gospel musician Magg44 and Tio

Hey, thank you so much for your time and blessing us with the Lords love. We look forward to hearing more from you and even watch your ministry grow bigger and extend to the entire continent. Any last words or a shout outs?

I want to give praise to God upstairs, thanks for this gift. Shout outs to my family for the support and believing in me. Pastor Alistair Mwanza my spiritual father and my mentor for supporting and discovering this gift In me.
Last but not least Rahman Holly for encouraging me on this thanks man, God bless.

Twitter : @jossy_army

Facebook : Jossy Christ Army


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