#NewEP : Palm Trees & Bomb Weed [Inland Empire]

mm2Africa is always full of love; the same love that we give the continents’ artists, we also share with our brothers from other parts of the world. Like they say, good music travels without any respect to border or boundary. Well Africa, welcome to the Inland Empire in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Money Music has always been our compatriots in a bid to spread the good music to the world. As a matter of fact, we have had two collaborations with their artist, Kast One, the most recent one being on Daydreams and Nightmares, which they executively produced as well. This time round, Kast is back on the grind with his producer/artist partner Slick -C aka The Sensei on “Palm Trees & Bomb Weed”.

The 14 track project is actually for FREE DOWNLOAD with nothing but good vibes and catchy hooks. With stellar productions from Slick-C aka The Sensei himself, Yung Miss, King Dice and Bobby Lo, you expect nothing but the best. The line up boasts of features from some heavy hitting IE MC’s such as D’zyl5k1, Sean Chris and of course the entire Money Music roster. Knowing that Kast One is a lyrical beast, this is one EP you don’t wanna miss out on. Here is the first official video from a track off it, Round & Round just to let you know what to anticipate

Go ahead and download it at the following links:





Twitter: @TheRealSlickc    @MoneyBoys909  


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