All around the A – Degg J Force 3 [Guinea]

Y’all aint even ready for this type of African music. I guarantee you. It has been a long while since we last brought you guys something new on AAA, but like we always stress, our main aim is to showcase music from all countries in Africa. I have never heard of any music from Guinea and I am so certain most of you have neither. Simple reason that we don’t take time to research about music from our other countries except the ones around our localities. Worry not, I have done the dirty work for and for the coming days, we will share a number of great artists from the West African state that surely deserve to be known the Continent over. To start us off, we present to you Degg J Force 3!!!! Imagine a fusion of Hip Hop, Rap. Reggae and Dancehall all in one. Well, Dr3am Ville has always claimed to be the most diverse African group but Degg J Force 3 are surely on the same zone.

First, the introductions; Degg – J Force 3 means “hard truths combined with three (3) embodying strength : fair , good and true” The group  was formed way back in 1997 in the popular area of ​​Boulbinet , a fishing district in the municipality of Kaloum in Conakry, Guinea. Comprising of Moussa and Skandal, the duo has some of the most interesting musical catalog. While one raps, the other brings a fine melodious vocal to the beat and this makes their music easily stand out. There is something about their chemistry that makes their music very catchy. Add that to the instrumentls that sample a mixture of Reggae, dancehall and Hip Hop, you get a perfect blend. The best thing about this group is the motive behind their music; to raise awareness in each theme in their works, while engaging body and soul in the fighting that every young African should lead to the improvement of living conditions of his people and to end the scourges decimating populations. Africa is blessed if our youths start thinking in this direction. I salute Degg J Force 3 and challenge other artists to follow suit.

The fact that they fuse English and French in their music makes their music transcend different borders. I love it when an artist is able to use more than one language, it makes the art so beautiful. Watch this live show and see how they are energetic on stage as well.

Music : Reverbnation

Twitter : @DeggJOfficial

Facebook : DEGG J FORCE 3


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