All around the A – Kay T [Swaziland]

We all know Swaziland for one reason or the other. As for me, I know it as the only Kingdom still existing South of the motherland. Whenever we speak or think about the Kingdom of Swaziland,  a few things come to mind especially our female companions. But there are certainly more to the kaNgwane than King Mswati and today we’ll explore that. By the end of this, we will have something else to talk about concerning our beautiful sisters from Eswatini. This happens to be one of the most wonderful places around Africa, yet if you asked me, I honestly don’t know any artist from there. That is until a few hours ago. I challenged myself to find something else that stands out from this Kingdom, apart from the yearly parade of you know what… Since I’m always about music, I leaned towards that direction. Lucky enough, after a few moments of searching, I bumped on one of Africa’s’ brightest kid.

Straight at the first press of the play button, I got hooked to the end. Let’s not get over heels yet. Maybe a little background introduction will help here. Born Makhosazana Thwala on the 2nd of August 1996, Kay T is a talented Rapper, songwriter, composer and soccer player from Mbabane, Swaziland. She raps with such great aura that certainly makes her peers cow. Her confidence is really admirable, as a matter of fact, without knowing her age, you can think you are listening to a grown up while playing her music.  Listening to Hold Up, you clearly recognize the young girl is talented. Her lyrics are witty too and she tackles her subjects without fear. With the right management and team behind her, we may be witnessing the next success story from our motherland. talk about a female Wizkid. I’m a huge fun of female artists and knowing how competitive the game is, I always ensure they gate equal exposure when they deserve it. Listen to Kay T and follow her on her social sites to stay in touch with her progress.

Facebook : Kay T


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