A – interviews : GnX [Kenya]

Where do we start this, maybe an introduction?

I’m Kevin Hiuhu, but people know me as GnX or Kevin Grands which are my names as a musician. I’m born and raised in Nairobi. A place called 87 to be specific.

Are you in any way new to the music scene?

Been around four years now. I started recording my music in 2009 but I’d been writing since a couple of months before that.

What led to that decision really?

The music itself! It’s always got to be that. I always used to gain a deep sense of satisfaction when I saw fans and people around me appreciate my music. That drove me into getting into it much more.

I like asking this, do you play any instrument?
No. Not yet. I took a month or two of piano lessons but that was all. I’m a producer too so I kinda get to play a lot of instruments virtually.

Hahaha, that’s a killer! What’s unique about your art?

My taste and my own dimension of music. I’m not doing anything that’s not been done. Hip hop and rap have been around and I’m just finding my own way around them which I think makes me quite unique.

How do you ensure the uniqueness though?

It’s all in the combination of the sound of beats I like to make, or select from other producers, and how I use them. For instance, I like dreamy and airy soundscapes and pads mixed in with hip hop sounds as well as rapping and singing on tracks so I can put together all these elements in a song.
It’s really authentic cause every song I do is always coming from within me. If I’m feeling this, I’ll throw it in. If I’m feeling that, I’ll find a way to use it.

Has the sound evolved over the period ?

A lot has really changed actually. For instance, doubling as a producer, I never used to rap on my own beats as much as I do now. I’ve also found myself in terms of my style. Evolution will always continue though.

Just for the record, do you have a song that is strangely present in your playlist?

None really. I have Return Of The Mack by Mark Morrison though. For some reason, I haven’t deleted it yet.
I like the vibe of the song

As a producer, is there a genre you can’t stand?


How can you describe the Kenyan scene right now?

It’s bubbling. A lot of rappers seem to be working and gearing up for releases for the year. It’s definitely not where I’d want it to be, but I foresee growth since a lot of rappers seem to be having good things in store. I’d say it needs much more competition as well as unity, and then some more competition.

Have you heard about the widespread of the industry being controlled by darkforces?

Such talk really doesn’t phase me. I say put in work, get the fruits of your labour, live life. Dark forces? Naah

That aside, I’d love to know you thoughts on collaborations and if you plan on doing any?

It’s really great when you both get to maintain some originality. You might get to learn something new from a fellow artist especially if they’re from a different genre. Cross-genre music also gives a listener the best of different worlds which good for both them and the artists.
I’d wanna work with AntoNeosoul. I can almost hear the song in my mind. I’d also wanna work with Taio/Thee MC Africa too.

As a performer, what has been your highlight so far?

Opening the 2012 Kisima Awards with a cypher. That was the first time those awards ever featured a cypher, and I was in it.

Other than being a creative genius, what else are you good at?
I haven’t figured that out yet. I’m still young though so there’s still time to find out.

Can GnX date celebrity lady?

Yeah, I would. Based on her as a person and not her celebrity status.

By the way, which country in Africa do you think has the hottest ladies?

Kenya man! Nairobi ladies, I have to give it up for you!

I’m yet to experience that, moving on, your dream chill spot?

Definitely somewhere with a beach and interesting culture. Our very own coast is nice. Or a place like Egypt where there’s a lot of interesting sites and things to learn.

Make a single wish for Africa.

I wish poverty would be eradicated in Africa.

What do you think can help unite Africa?

Better infrastructure, better economies, better living standards. I think the lack of those is what brings conflicts at times.

What is your ultimate goal at the end of your career?

To have touched and affected the people that listen to my music in one way or another. To have had a great time while making the music and living it. It’s too modest to say that I don’t wanna be paid…

That’s both clever and wise I can say. Hope you get to see your dreams come to fruition soon. Give a shout out…

Shout out to the whole ID37 family, Shukid, Kavuela, Faraqumin. Shout out to my bros Shatzy K and QC. Great producers, those two. Shout out to all the fans too!

Twitter : @IamGnX

Facebook : GnX Music


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