Wild Wednesdays : Tiyas King [Swaziland]

Ladies and gentlemen, lovers and fanatics of RnB music, have you ever wondered where Avant disappeared to? Wander no more (pun intended). I just found his hideout. Who could have thought the guy was actually somewhere in Africa? He just switched his name to Tiyamike Maziya!! Okay, now that I have your attention, lets do this. Yesterday, I presented to you our first ever Swaziland artist on AAA, the teenage rapper Kay T. While at it, I did remind y’all that Eswatini is the only Kingdom south of the motherland, aye? Well, what I forgot to add or was not privy to is the fact that Mswati is not the only King in this sovereign land! We have another; Tiyas King! So children of Africa, let me school y’all a bit, class is in session; the topic of discussion will be the ‘Laws of Attraction’.

Many a times I come across some artists that make me wonder why Africa is still overlooked when it comes to music. Like seriously, there are musicians right here in Africa that can make the worlds renowned artists to rethink their musical careers. we will get to that some other time. But on the same note, I just happen to have listened to Tiyas King and to say that his music is amazing is just plain lazy and lack of a proper adjective. I had to rub my ears and wipe my eyes just to confirm that I’m not listening to Avant and this is actually an African artist. I replayed the song a gain, and again. And it finally got to my thick brain that this kind of music is really from our motherland, Swaziland to be specific. I really wanna get atop Mt. Kilimanjaro and scream my lungs out, I am proud!! this begs for the question, what make us rely so much on foreign music to the extent that we ignore or become unappreciative of our own artists really? At this point, we can’t honestly claim that we don’t have talented artists, or even use the cliche excuse of low quality production. 

Tiyas King is an artist of international caliber. Listening to his music, you can clearly see an artist who has invested a lot on his career. The quality is not by anyway compromised and the standard of music he makes can easily compete in any platform worldwide. Lord knows I get carried away by good music but this brother is surely making Africa proud. All we need now is to give him the support he deserves, let’s appreciate someone who is doing a good job. I wanna see Tiyas on those Continental awards nomination lists and even better seeing him walk away with awards. If you still want proof of what I’m talking about, just watch his debut video and get informed. I don’t know about the rest of Africa, but Nairobi salutes you King Tiyas! Keep making the motherland proud.

Twitter : @TiyasIsKingBaby

Facebook : Tiyas King

Website : Tiyas King


2 thoughts on “Wild Wednesdays : Tiyas King [Swaziland]

  1. This is most humbling, and i wish to extend the deepest of gratitude for such a generous piece. I can only hope that sometime soon, I will be visiting your borders to perform alongside my fellow African brothers and sisters in music. God bless.

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