Future Fridays : Poppa Don [Kenya]

unnamedAfter my homemade Amarula adventure, nothing feels better than waking up to some good music. Laid back real Hip Hop is the shit I’m talking about my guy. Rarely do you get to listen to this kind of music anymore. This is surely from the last of a dying breed. Memories of the time when my favorite track was the classic Many Faces by the duo GidiGidi MajiMaji flood back, I reminence . That oldie Goldie vibe that highlighted the 2000s may just be coming back. Only true Hip Hop lovers understand how we cherish any slight symptoms of it. But God is good because today my prayers, along with a thousand others have been answered. To quote him “you wonder why music aint good anymore, rappers aint there/bare for the truth anymore”. Well Africa, here is the truth, embodied in the persona of Poppa Don.

Take Rick Ross’ vocals, J Cole’s story telling skills and Commons’ lyricism and you get a glimpse of what I’m talking about. The guy really takes his time with the flow, delivering each bar with utmost confidence. He has a mixtape out, The Grey Hound and a couple videos too on YouTube. I played all and didn’t regret one bit. My favorite is Unthinkable and Self Made for the simple fact that they are amazing:-D Wait, that was before I listened to Victory! Here is the catch, some Tanzanian artist once rapped that Jay Z has nothing on him, why, because he can rap in two languages while Jay only knows English! Brilliant. Now Poppa Don must be greater than that since the brother raps in three languages; English, Kiswahili and Dholuo – which my good colleague reminds me is now an international language since, well, Barack Obama and Lupita Nyong’o 🙂 Hey, before you give me that look, have a listen to the Don and watch one of his videos below.

Twitter : @PoppaDon1

Facebook : Poppa Don


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