The Disney Effect. by @its_lello

Most of us won’t grow up, date a royal prince and marry him like Kate
  Middleton. Our wedding day won’t be a national holiday and probably the only place it will be televised will be on Citizen’s “The Wedding Show”.

Our destinies are all set on different paths, just like the lines on our palms.

  When I was a young girl, I had quite the collection of fairytale .From
Cinderella, Rapunzel to Sleeping Beauty and Thumbelina. I doubt there’s a story i haven’t read. I adored this stories, princes and princesses. Knights rescuing damsels in distress and riding off into happily ever after. That was my dream too. That when I was all grown
  up, find prince charming, we’d marry and live happily ever after.

  When I first fell in love, I felt like one of those princesses. I was on
cloud nine, my whole world was topsy  turvy.I had found Him, no one could
  take away the feeling of ecstasy. I’m going to confess that I pictured
  being his wife, though I was only seventeen.

  There’s a Greek story about a boy who made wings out of wax and bird feathers. He flew so high and too close to the sun. That the way started
  to melt and his wings came apart. Poor boy fell. I guess the moral of
the story was, the higher you fly, the harder you fall.

  I fell so hard back to reality just like he did. I was a broken soul
  and I doubted I wanted to feel love again. Couldn’t understand how my prince charming, could have given my glass slipper to another girl.
  That’s the problem with fairy tales. Where is the part where Cinderella
get’s her heart broken? Or where the Frog turns out to be a guy with
egotistical tendencies. I wish they’d have shown that Beasts never turn
into handsome men, no matter how many times you kiss them. Did this
girls ever have problems trying to find Him? Did they never encounter
 a problem no song could fix?

  I bet I’m not the only girl who read or watched these Disney
  productions. Neither am I the only one still looking for Mr
  Right. Yes. The 21st Century found another term…I won’t complain, being on this quest. Pardon the cliché; I’ve experienced very special memories, despite the heartbreaks. I’ve tried on glass slippers that didn’t fit, kissed a few frogs that never turned into true princes. Maybe Disney didn’t want to traumatize me, but life sure has a way of waking you up.

  My question is…Does He really exist? That one guy who is just perfect for you. What I heard was a word that only existed in the dictionary.

  So should I wait for Prince Charming or settle for Shrek?

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