A – Interviews : Munnah [Liberia]


We can’t hide the excitement of having you on AAA, but first, the introduction?

Hi love, my name is MUNNAH I’m a music artist from Liberia living in the U.S, my fans also know me as the LIB Princess.

 How long have you been in the music industry?

I’ve been singing since age 5 and writing since age 10, but I’ve been doing music professionally for the last 11 years.

What is your story Princess, why did you get into music?

My story? I’m a proud young Liberian woman who was once a refugee, knew nothing of where life was taking me and my family. Destiny brought me to the US, music followed me and stood out in my life while I was going through my own life’s lessons.  While finding myself, I made bad choices which are a reminder to me on a daily basis to never make the same mistakes and fight for my dreams of being a successful musician to come true. I, also, wish to inspire young boys and girls who have a story similar to my past and are looking for someone to give them some positive words to keep them motivated.

 Wow, that’s really inspirational. So how has the journey been so far and how can you describe the public’s reception?

So far all the chapters of my life are being written as I go. I never know what to expect but I have the choice to say who and what makes it in the book. Meaning the journey has been a great journey with a lot of opportunities but not all opportunities are great opportunities. I have to choose the right ones for me and that make sense for my career. The public’s reception of me is always great, even if they are caught off guard at first sight.

Let’s catch you off guard too, can you play any instrument?

When it comes to playing instruments, I consider my voice one because I can make great sounds and melodies out of it. So, yes, I will say I do play an instrument  – my voice.

 Hahaa, a clever response. What makes Munnah stand out?

What makes me stand out is me being me and not apologizing for it or being ashamed of who I am.

 And do you have a style that is limited to you?

Not really. I consider myself a very diverse person, and as a creative person I do not like to limit myself when it comes to creating or working with others.

 Well, can you confidently say that you have grown artistically?

When I look back from starting at the age of 16 professionally to now, I’ve seen some major changes.  The growth/changes are in my writing, singing, stage presence and how I view music.

Is there any particularly embarrassing music on your MP3 player?

Well there aren’t any. I listen to mostly rap music, I sing R&B but really I love rap. I love that they can say what they want to say and not care what is thought about it.

 What about other genres, is there any kind of music that you can’t stand to listen to?

Truly I love all genres of music from country to rock, I mostly care about what they are saying and if the music is good.  What I can’t stand is auto-tuned artist that make their way to the top with just looks or who they know and not from talent.

 Your two singles, West Africa and Celebration are very different, why the switch?

It is a switch.   I love it because it shows that I am not limited to anything and that I can sing any type of music because I’m creative and international.


Okay. Back to Liberia, how is the industry like and who is your competition?

The Liberian industry is growing and getting better, we are wanting our own because its what that needs to be happening at this moment. I don’t have any competition because I’m mostly competing against myself and I do not worry about what other artist are doing. I focus more on the goals that I set for myself as a musician and what I want to accomplish as an individual and a mother.

 You are such a focused lady, hahaa. Anyway, how do you wish to inspire others out there?

I believe that I can contribute to the success of how many people came from nothing and end up with something. That no matter where in the world you’re from or what status you were born into, it cannot stop you from being one of the best and accomplishing your dreams.

When it comes to collaborations, who is currently on your radar?

I look forward to working with talented artists from my country such as Scientific, Takun J, Jodi and many others. Beyond that my list is long but I will give you a few, first on the list are Akon, Missy Elliot, Toni Braxton, Will.I.Am, Beenie Man and on and on.  LOL.

 Why do you think the continental awards tend to be regional?

I believe promoters do this to attract people in neighboring countries to come to the show so they can make money when really the promoters are just promoting their own people. All people and countries should be represented to serve the continent well and boost the energy of everyone and support for music.

Away from that, what makes 2014 special for you?

2014 has been a great year so far and my predictions for the rest of the year will also be greatness.  It is all because of where am at in my life and the people that I have surrounding me. Let me say with being positive comes great things. If you surround yourself with positive people great days come making it easy for you to have a great year. 365 days of positivism and it doesn’t stop.

It oozes out clearly, the positivity in you. Which one do you love always; recording, performing or composing?

I love performing because after going through all the emotions of the writing and recording, I get to give my ROYALTY the music in person and feed off their vibe. I’m alive more on stage.

 If not music, what can you be found doing?

There will be nothing else I would be doing right now if there was not music. Music is all I’ve wanted to do since I can remember.  I do not have a backup plan, this is it for me. Music saved my life many times and has gotten me to where I am now.

 Had to ask this, can Munnah date a fellow celebrity?

I’m not sure about that, because I’ve not taken that into consideration. I’m really focused on what I consider success, which asks for a lot of attention and focus.

 You know how to divert questions lol, Which the most wonderful country in Africa?

AHHH easy, Liberia of course, she’s one of a kind. Everywhere she goes in the world she makes people fall in love with her. Her presence is strong. I bet you will think that of your own country because there is no place like home when home is where your heart is and when home has been good to you.

 You are right about that, and where are the most attractive men around Africa?

When it comes to dating I don’t see countries, I see the heart and what I’m attracted to or what I believe is best for me.

 Your craziest incident in the public so far?

So far I will say none, but I’m pretty sure there will be some.

 What can we look forward to from you this year?

You can look forward to hearing more great music and me working with many charities that  empower the young and bringing awareness to the world about supporting our young men and women in their dreams and motivating them to reach for the stars. I believe we should always tell our kids yes anything is possible instead of impossible.

You seem to have so much love for Africa, what lengths are you willing to go?

I will do anything and everything. I love Africa so much and believe that together we can accomplish so much.  We can build our young men and women to be great at whatever they choose to do as long it is positive and is something that will benefit them and the future of Africa.

If only we all had love and positivity. By the way, what is your ultimate goal at the end of your career?

I will give you this much, my ultimate goal is to build an empire and be a great example to my son and the young people of Mama Africa.

Without a doubt, now we understand all so well why you are the LIB Princess. Truth is, you are actually an African Princess and we celebrate you so much Munnah. It’s been an eye opener talking to you and getting to learn so much. We wish to stay in touch and watch as you progress. Any last word from you or maybe a shout outs?

I will love to give a shout out to my manager Mirah Bradford for believing in me like she does and for showing me that there was someone out there who was ready to work with an artist like me.  And it was all in a matter of time for that person to find me, and you did, BB: I believe you are my soul mate in life because I’ve never met someone that knows what I’m thinking and what I’m going to say, you are my best friend and I appreciate you. To my mother for always encouraging me in my music and never driving me away from it. To my fans, my ROYALTY, that support me daily, I love you guys so much and to mama LIB, it is because of you I’m different from the rest.

Twitter : @TheLIBPrincess

Facebook : MUNNAH


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