All around the A – Triple C [Sierra Leone]

While doing my regular rounds and crisscrossing the cyberspace, I came across some music that got my ears and eyes glued. I don’t remember getting this link from my brother Nick Asgil, but as they say, good music indeed travels. Whenever Nick is mentioned, you should already know that I’m talking about Salone music. The guy in question is Triple C, one half of FT Fresh, a Salone music duo based in the UK, if I’m not wrong. Which reminds me, last year, around the same time that Team Salut released their UCOA, we were actually supposed to put up an article about FT Fresh. They make awesomely good music. Anyway, one of them has still ended up on the AAA. As I type this, I’m going through Triple C’s YouTube channel and sampling his music. Saying he is talented is being mean with words and plain up lazy. The brother has skills for real. I’m watching Wase Big and I can’t help but marvel at the creativity plus the diversity employed on it. You will understand why…

The first song I bumped on was actually D West, a jam he released sometime back in 2010 and which is still relevant up to date. There is something about music that tell stories, especially real life ones that makes them a classic. D West is one such. As a solo act, Triple C comes across as a hip hop emcee, that’s why I found Wase Big quite interesting. I’m now playing Big talk, a joint release he did with Yung Free. I love West African hip hop, something about how Krio sounds just superb on the bouncy beats. Nick has a knack for editing a video to give it that grimy hip hop look 🙂 C has another great positive single, Real Talk Freetown. This is the song that I’ll be playing when I finally visit Sierra Leone. I always maintain that not many artists are appreciative of their neighborhood and cities. most just wanna make that dance/club music.

It takes passion to spare sometime and dedicate a full song to your home city. Like just talk about the positives, the daily hustles and struggles of the people around you. You feel me? That is what triple C has done in Real talk Freetown. I love how Nick has captured the streets of Freetown, the people are all lovely. Shout outs to Sierra Leoneans all across the world, beautiful people. Ooh yes we Africans 🙂 Listen and relate.

Twitter : @cccoomber

Facebook : TRIPLE C


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