Monstar Mondays – Mababa Squad [Kenya]

The whole of last week I had a lot of stuff going on, to the extent that I  couldn’t manage to share some amazing music that I had come across. However, my colleagues kept y’all posted and it seems Lello had quite an interesting piece on destiny and Cinderellas. Now we are back here, it amazes me just how much music is released on the daily and at times, we slack and sleep on some amazing jams.  Around Nairobi, I traced some new releases and I came across interesting single by a group called Mababa Squad. From what I gather, they are one of the most vibrant performing artists in the Kenyan Music scene. I must admit that I love their witty lyrics 🙂

Whenever I come across new music, I listen and then research a bit more on the artists catalog, since I don’t like presenting to y’all one hit wonders or half baked musicians. I did the same with this crew and they have awesome music! Listening to Feelanga Free which is done in a language that is very strange to me, yet addictive as hell. The next jam is titled Bure Kabisa which loosely translates to ‘Good for Nothing’ and it got me laughing. It is actually a Kwaito track which I’m sure our comrades at Kalawa Jazmee records down south will find quite interesting. I’m made to understand that it was a huge hit upon release awhile back, and guys still groove to it. Well, their recent release is what got our attention. From the title of the track, the instrumental, the lyrics to the video, it will surely get yours too. Simple sing along lyrics and an infectious hook. All I wanna sing is camera, lights and action :-). This surely makes Monday feel better. Grab your sweet thing and tell them to “come over babe let’s have some fun”, don’t be shy, I know you can 🙂

Twitter : @MababaSquad

Facebook : Mababa Squad


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