T.I.A Tuesdays : Shady KJV [Nigeria]

I have a million things to do. Okay, that’s overboard, I have about a thousand stuff on my to-do list, but I had to fix an article up on this talented guy. I was on YouTube in the morning to get some music to kick-start my day. I’m an addict like that 🙂 So, I remembered that I haven’t watched Zamani’s latest track, Jambo and I thought why not play that as a day starter. It’s a cool video as always, the quality we have come to expect from Choc City. While there, I saw some post on the comment section by an upcoming artist and I decided to pay it some attention. I’m different like that! So I did as he requested and checked his channel, played his music and viola! He indeed is good. Next thing you know, I’m searching all over to get more info about him so that I can share these awesomeness with the rest of Africa, I’m kind like that.

Going by the alias Shady KJV, Kris Williams is a Nigerian native who resides in London. He is a hip hop artists but delves into other genres hence making him diverse. Listen to Tingaling, an urban Afrobeat fusion to understand what I mean. I love his raps, the bars are witty and he delivers them well since I was able to hear every word from his verses. Not too much of that Nigerian pidgin, a good starting point. From his soundcloud page, you will find a couple of covers to popular rap releases and he keeps them pretty simple, roughly 2 minutes long so you don’t really have an excuses for not playing a couple. As for me, I played all and it was worth the listen 🙂 The track that stands out from his catalog so far is Money in My Eyes, a trap beat similar to the signature DJ Mustard sounds that have become club anthems. If you too have temptations following you everywhere you go, then this should be your anthem for the coming weeks. Tell us what you think of this brother, and don’t forget to follow him on his social networks.

Twitter : @ShadyKJV

Facebook: Shady Kjv


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