#NewEP – African Story : @wearedreamville

african storyThey say sobriety is asking God to grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Well, Dr3am Ville has done just that. After a year of tirelessly putting in work, yet being taken in circles by concerned parties and facing a plethora of challenges while making their debut EP, African story, they have finally accepted that it couldn’t be the way they wanted it to. Therefore, unable to let all the hard work to just go down the drain, they have released the Album online for a free download so that the people who have been looking forward to it may still get to listen.

This 7 track Ep has been overdue, with a number of lined features getting derailed due to production hitches. Initially scheduled for a 14th January release, the Album was pushed forward and a single off of it, Newayo was released to a critical acclaim, making it debut on BBC 6 Music for  Africa. If the success of the first single is anything to go by, then this was one project that could have been a classic. Anyway, all the group had to say concerning the whole thing was that they are now focused on bigger and better things. As a matter of fact, a Kenya/Zambia collaboration is already on the pipeline and may just be released very soon. If you love African music and Afrobeats, then you should get streaming this Album. It’s all about appreciating the Kindness of our Motherland.



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