#NewMixtape – The Re-Up : CARL THA TRUTH [Kenya]

The ReUp DeluxeI have been looking forward to this project since late last year when I got wind that the homie Carl maybe working on a mixtape. For starters, let me introduce; Carl is one of the real Hip hop heads around this side of Africa. As a matter of fact, in Africa as a whole. And ooh, for the dummies out there, Africa is still not yet a country. But we have a United hip hop of Africa, which is a state. Now act like you know. Back on the rail like a train through Mutindwa, Carl has been preparing this mixtape for a while and being the Hip Hop head he is, there was no way he was going to give out something half baked. Meaning, he and his team have spent quality time ensuring that it sounds right, from R to T.

You may wonder why the title “Re-Up”. Well, this is what Carl had to say, “The word Re-Up  is slang usually used by drug dealers, when they are running low they “re-up” the stash e.g I just sold my last zone time to re-up. Thanks to pop culture the word has evolved and is widely accepted to mean to get some more of, to stock up on, or to expand. Well here is my Re–Up, a follow up to my last release GTA 4.”

I’ve had the honour of pre-listening to the tape since the official release date is on March 17. First point, the production is amazing, and believe me when I say that. Nadetastic who handles the bulk of the production is a genius on the samples. These are songs that will not fade by the season, but something you will listen to many years later and still relate. Secondly, Carl has chosen his features keenly, ensuring that the artists he brought on board add something to the music, as well as compliment what he has. From Bajjuu Beats, Auggy Yeah to J. Royale, i must say Capo has been well represented. DJ Nruff also makes a guest via Doin it right which you can remember was released awhile back to positive reception. On that Couture by Capo tip, keep calm and anticipate The Re-Up on !7th. But if you are impatient like me, then hit  him up on twitter to arrange how you can get linked! You know its CapoLifestyle Allday.



Carl tha Truth


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