All around the A – Ngoma [Cameroon]

It’s raining heavily in Nairobi this morning. Matter of fact, it’s been raining since last night. Before the rain washes my memory away, coz trust me it may, I just wanna tell y’all that our prayers have been answered and soon, there will be a bigger platform to share all your amazing music and talents. Like y’all know, I bleed for this African music and all the artists around Africa. I got an opportunity to work for what will be the biggest entertainment site in Africa and hell yeah, I’m carrying y’all with me. We have been in this together and aint no way I’m leaving you guys behind 🙂 Now, onto things that matter the most, Music! amidst all the rain, mud and cold in Nairobi, only one thing can keep me warm, Music. I woke up on my Pharell shit today, that means I’m happy, right? Well, I found some music to double that happiness. I’ve never known Cameroon had amazing music like this 🙂

Here is where it get had for me, getting the right words to describe someones music. That is why I always prefer to just let y’all have a listen. But to say this guy is just talented or skilled is underrating him. Ngoma is good, and I don’t mean the Kanye West good (got the drift?). First, Ngoma is Swahili(my native language) means Music. For a guy to call himself ‘music’, then he must have something special to bring on board. Ngoma has just that, and then some more! He can flow for months and it’s not February of a leap year I’m referencing here. The ability to balance between English and Awing language is just exquisite. I love when African artists do that, incorporating some local dialect in their music.

The single in question is non other than Afe Nkap, whatever that means. With one of the best edits as far as video is concerned, i give it to Ngoma for giving us the music(pardon the pun). There is just something addictive about this single. It’s stunning to just listen to rap on rap on rap. hey, I can’t hog all these awesomeness to myself, go ahead share with me. And I hope by the end of the day, Ngoma will tell us the meaning of Afe Nkap.

Twitter : @iAmNgoma

Facebook : Ngoma


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