Future Fridays – Mr. Jayvic & Komo [Nigeria]

It’s just hit me that we have done a couple of articles on Nigerian artists these week. Anyway, today is Friday and as y’all know, #FutureFridays is all about Afrobeats since, well, it is the future! So when two Nigerian brothers living in London decide to come together for the love Afromusic and give us one hell of a jam, you know that AAA has to share that. We are all about artist unity here at AAA and we keep stressing at the need for artists to work together and collaborate more often as this widens their fan base as much as giving their fans something fresh.  That explains why I have used the above picture, these two are independent artists so I couldn’t find a better single picture of them both. However, it is the music that matters, aye?

Let’s get to the music business, all puns intended. I previewed the teaser to this single awhile back and instantly knew that it’ll be huge. The class portrayed in it is inevitable. Not to sound biased but I love it when African artists go to a foreign land and do something so good that even artists from that land feel cowed. This video is very dope, they put everything at their disposal to perfect use. I love the lighting too. Watch and let us know what you think.. As for me, I’m on my Music Business 🙂

Twitter : Mr Jayvic , @KomoOfficial

Facebook : Komo Official , Jayvic



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