All around the A – Purple INKS [Zambia]

Okay, how really do I start this? Loool, okay, one word; Mangolomena! Whatever that means, I have to hit up my nigga KRYTIC asap to decipher that term. So I’m just stuck on my computer screen, only thing I’m doing for the past 25 minutes is press replay. These guys are insane. The funny thing is, the song itself purely talks about craziness!! Now that I’m done with laughing, let’s get this out of the way. I’m still mad at me for failing to recognize where these guys are from, till I googled and stumbled on their Facebook page. Ladies and gentlemen, these right here has to be Zambia’s craziest and most talent group. The dudes are fusing Hip hop and Ragga/dancehall to create one of the most raw, authentic jams I’ve come across in a long time. In an industry where everyone wants to make the next club banger, we hardly get to hear these kind of jams anymore.

How they do it, I honestly don’t know, but they have got me replaying their jam the whole morning. A few pointers, firstly, the hook is very catchy and simple, all you have to do is chant Mangolomena!! Next, the raps are well delivered in a mixture of English, patois and the Zambian dialect. Thirdly, they are not faking anything, the accents make the song so authentic and ear-candy. Lastly, they are C.R.A.Z.Y!!! They haffi run pon de beat. Hehee, I have found real music today. It is going to be a good day, God knows I missed this. I won’t even get into the video; it is just the perfect cut for the song. I don’t even doubt the guys’ craziness, it’s purely visible. This right here deserves a million spins. I can visualize the trio live on stage; Electrifying performance that can be. S/O to Zambia, you’ve given us raw talent, now its upon Africa to show love and support. Mangolomenaaaa 🙂

Facebook : Purple INKS

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