All around the A – The Holstar [Zambia]

I don’t know about y’all, but there is something about art that moves me to the edge. be it music, drawings, sketches, poetry or even spoken word, art has a home in my soul. How happy am I always whenever I come across a real piece of art from the heart. I mean, forget the accompaniments, just getting to listen to an artist pour out his/her heart, without the obstruction of instrumentation. That is the kind of joy that The Holstar has brought upon me with two creative pieces. A second look and I notice that the first piece, African Woman, is actually off a 2006 Album? Like how did this awesomeness escape me? okay, I get it, by then, I was still in school, battling with books and hiding my love for art to evade punishment. that is just how unscrupulous our systems are. My love for Africa supersedes my love for living, I don’t even have to ascertain that.

I had to listen keenly to a piece that talks about our wonderful mothers, aunties, sisters and grandmas – The African woman. The most special being that God ever created. Guess what, the Holstar shares exactly the same sentiment as mine! Great minds surely think alike 🙂

This second piece talks to me in so many personal levels that I feel as if he had me on mind while writing it. Is it possible to have that much of a coincidence? Honestly, I wake up everyday and I see a stranger in the mirror? Simply because my dreams seem to be the reverse of who I am in reality. Like J  Electronica would would put it, “That name on that birth certificate, that ain’t the real me”. The only difference is, I’m not a child soldier. Listen to this piece, my favorite of the two.

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