#GuestPost : Trust Issues by @its_lello

It’s not easy to find out that the people we trusted have lied to us. It

makes one feel very stupid and used. Mistrust and betrayal leads one to
believe that there’s no truth in love or happiness. A lot of times, we
doubt in ourselves because of the actions committed against us, leaving
an inkling of doubt. Stories of broken hearts and shattered dreams we wish with all our
hearts that we can be able to forget. But it is said, the past has a way
of influencing our present…And somewhat the future too.

What then? Should we always doubt whether what we see is real? Or
Doubt that everything is black and white. Everyone fears being taken
advantage of, or appearing naive. Experience should teach us, that in
this life most things aren’t what they seem.

But what if we are blind?
Blinded by those we love. The belief that those who are close to our
hearts would never hurt us. Yes, after all we’ve been through we can
still be blinded, sounds Unthinkable.

So what should we do then? When it comes to matters of the
heart, should we trust fully? Or should there be a part of us that
doubts? When we love, should we love half halfheartedly or throw caution to the
wind and love regardless of the risks?

It’s a complicated world where sometimes a Yes is a No.

I love you till I find another. I trust you but I have my doubts. Maybe when the doubts
and mistrust ends, we’ll truly be happy.

But I doubt that is likely to happen.

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