All around the A – AncWar [Senegal]’m officially a Rastaman, all thanks to my sister Mishu! No, I am not tripping, I just realized that Rastafarian are some of the coolest people around. Like seriously, we complicate a lot stuff in our pursuit to live a better life, while Rastafarian on the other hand, are just in pursuit to live a happy life! From now henceforth, I’m Ras Holly, yah mahn 🙂 Which reminds me, my good sister has decided to release a reggae song this Friday, as  my birthday present, how cool! Talking of reggae, I just bumped on a great track from a Senegalese artist who is part of an astounding band that I would love to share with y’all. Before I make a phone call to the moon, let me acquaint you with AncWar.

The Ohio based band is made of Aziz Fall, Link Hart, Cool Vay and Joe Eberst. Ancestral Warship is not just a collection of individuals who are skilled at playing different instruments and rapping/singing. They are here to share their stories with an aim to showcase a respect for the past, an understanding of the present, and a desire to influence the future. From their website, I gathered this about them; “Ancestral Warship is a sharing of stories that divulge success, failure, happiness, sadness, the good, the bad, or even that middle grey area. It’s all about getting together and having a good time against the struggles, since most feel as if they are left to face their battles alone. We’d like to share these times with you.”

Their unique sound definitely makes them stand out. Something amazing about musicians who don’t fight to fit it, but are brave enough to stand out. I personally respect that trait. With a fusion of Hip hop and Rock, you can never go wrong. Now imagine adding some reggae vibe to it, fantastic! This combination should make for an interesting performance for live music lovers. I hope to see them perform in Africa soon. But till then, Here We Go, Again 🙂

Twitter : Ancestral Warship

Website : Ancestral Warship

Facebook : Ancestral Warship


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