#SpecialFeature : The Fest Gurus [ Around Africa ]

Awhile back, I came a cross a group of four amazing young Africans who were passionate about festivals, via our online  Infinity Magazine. We had interviewed them and they seemed so certain of their expectations. Well, today I’m more than happy to update y’all on the progress of what started as a twitter discussion between two of Africa’s most beautiful ladies; Lorraine and Mazuba. Forming The Fest Gurus together with Ngonidzashe Chinhara and Gwinyayi Mabika, they had embarked on an adventure to explore and expose some of the most interesting festivals across Africa. Now, here are two things; first, y’all know that anything to do with Africa is close to my heart. Secondly, I just love the idea of people from different countries coming together to work on something for the good of our motherland. Nothing beats seeing the urge of unity amongst our people if you ask me.

Yesterday, after a successful crowd-funding campaign, part 1 of  #TheFestGurusxCityofStars episode was released via their production house Crafted Media and this is what the co-host Mazuba Kapambwe had to say ;  “We are really excited to finally launch this episode, particularly because it was entirely funded by people who believe in the show and want to see it be a success.”

 The episode features an interview with South Africa’s Tumi (formerly of Tumi and The Volume).  Co-host Mazuba also chatted to Zambia’s Fly 5 which is a collaboration of some of the Zambia’s biggest selling and most celebrated artists. Other highlights include FestStyle with some of the best dressed City of stars attendees.  

Watch The Fest Gurus x City of Stars which took place in my favorite part of Africa, Malawi 🙂

And it doesn’t end there. Lookout for Part 2 of The Fest Gurus x City of Stars which features Kenyan Afro-pop group Sauti Sol, British based Yaddi and The Very Best, as well as a lesson in shuka tying via guest co-host Reverb 7.

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