All around the A – Irie [Kenya/Zambia]

IRIE FINALYesterday was my birthday and Lawd did I realize that people really love Holly!!! I mean, I was getting birthday wishes from all over Africa plus my cousins in Bangladesh didn’t forget about me too. Not to mention all the ladies who came around with ‘gifts’. I felt like King Mswati for once hehee. Then, Shukid and my day one homie Monsta Goon decided to give a brother a treat. I really wish to write a post about how it went down yesterday but for the sake of my prosperity, let me just leave it at that. Plus whenever ladies are involved, it can get nasty 🙂  The best gift however, was from from my Sister in crime Mishu. She decided to release a monstrous song, which I happen to be featured in, on the day I was born! What more can I ask for really? I’m blessed. (Download Irie here). This song is just special to me in so many ways.

First, Mishu has come really far music-wise. This girl has the strongest willpower I ever seen in a soul. She inspires me to keep going whenever things are tough. Up to the point when she finally released her first official single and everybody was like damn, she is talented! Having believed in her from day one, it humbles and excites me at the same when people finally take notice of her. This is just the beginning. Secondly, there is an aura of fulfillment when you are able to make someone’s wish come true. Awhile back, when we interviewed Zambia’s Meta4riq Skillz, he said that he would love to work with Dr3am Ville in future. Well, we just accomplished that and 4riq gave a very great verse on this jam, giving it a wider appeal. That’s how we unite Africa over here. Let’s just say that projects like this make me miss recording and drags me back to the booth. You can only expect much more from Dr3am Ville this year. Mishu has officially taken charge of the sail so be ready to feel irie 🙂

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